Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If Jeezy's Payin' LeBron Then I'm Payin' Dwayne Wade...

Let's start out by making one thing clear...Jezzy ain't paying ANYONE in the 2010 NBA Free Agency period, and he won't be. Because even though he claims "I got money" I know for a fact that his money ain't long enough to pay D. Wade, King James, Joe Johnson or heck...even Jon Koncak. If he could pay...he'd be an NBA owner. Jay-Z on the other hand is an NBA owner (well he' s a 1 percent-er), can pay, and is REALLY trying for LeBron. Last week a 225 ft x 95 ft billboard was erected right outside Jim Dolan's Madison Square Gardens office! With the title "the blueprint for greatness" and the Net's logo (notice it's in all lower case though). This went up the night before LeBron's visit to MSG. HOW GREAT IS THAT! Dolan of course was upset, called the league office, and then Sean "Jay-Z" Carter (you know...the guy who only owns 1% of the Nets). Seriously...why would you call the minority owner as if he erected this thing himself, that is lame Dolan...REAL lame! Almost as lame as telling LeBron you want to make him the first NBA Billionare and the way to do it is to play for the Knicks. C'mon he's not gonna fall for the banana in the tail pipe trick!

Now...on to the rest of the suitors....the Clippers, Heat and Cavs all threw their name in the ring as well all to no avail (so far) and "LeBron watch 2010" continues...but the most interesting thing that's happened so far came out of Chicago. We all know the Bulls are the "other" big name team interested in signing Bron Bron, but again...like everyone outside the Nets their creativity in wooing him was about as creative as Memphis Bleek's albums at Roc-A-Fella. It is what Leo Burnett Worldwide did on behalf of the Chicago Bulls fans that is intriguing and borderline creepy but worth writing about. The monkey on the back of LeBron will always be "Is he as good as MJ?"; especially if he goes to Chicago. So, instead of just ignoring such a big question LBW decided to HIT HIM WITH IT! On July 1st, Leo Burnett Worldwide Advertising agency sent a pair of Air Jordan Alpha 1's (OG colorway) to Lebron's doorstep with a ticket shaped note on the inside of the box that said "You're A King But, can you live up to a legend?" WOW! Then later that day they sent him 7 empty ring boxes with a note that said "Can you fill these boxes?"

I personally don't think LeBron is leaving Cleveland, I think his ego loves watching ESPN, CNN, Fox Sports, Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, , MSNBC, Larry King, etc. speculate about his next move. It makes him feel good, important and relevant. Honestly we all want to feel relevant. But do we all 24-hour coverage of where we're going to work next? Do you think McDonald's or Arby's would go to these length's to get a store manager? Maybe Wendy's would....

Lastly, my beloved Hawks keep Joey Johnson at 6 years $119 million. Does that sound familiar to anyone....Jon Koncak 6 years $13 million, in 1989. That paid Jon Contract more than Jordan, Johnson and Larry Bird at that time. Is JJ going to be a repeat?

P.S. My first blog is completed and I hope you enjoy it.

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