Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome To Athens Georgia Where The Pansies Play!

Honestly this is not what I personally think. But welcome to what the rest of America now sees.....

As many of you may now know (since this happen last week) Georgia's new Athletic Director made a HORRIBLE decision and he's not even been AD six months! Last week we were informed that Greg McGarity decided to back out (throat clear..) excuse me..."mutually agreed" to cancel Georgia's home and home with Oregon. With the excuses like "it's too far" and "we don't believe this model is ideal to win National Championships". Can someone explain to me how playing 7 home games and 2  of them being against Sissy Mary State (just for you Robert Lammers) will help us in winning National Championships? I don't want 7 home games unless the we are playing at least 6 decent games! Currently in 2010 we have 3...Tech, Vanderbilt and Arkansas! Boy those are QUALITY games, that will help us win a BCS Title! Here is the problem...we're NOT FLORIDA, ALABAMA, USC (Southern Cal) or OHIO STATE! We can't play crap teams and get into the title game because we're not one of the big boys!

See in the greatest conference in college football you have 3 tiers. You have the "arrived" currently that group is Alabama, Florida and LSU (though they shouldn't be). Why are they the first tier? Because they have won 5 out of the last 7 BCS titles! The second tier as of 10/4/10 is Auburn, South Carolina, Arkansas. Then...there is everyone else. Most years the Dawgs sit in the second tier like a Nook to a Amazon Kindle! Completely happy to be there and glad to be acknowledged. But here is my issue....the University of Georiga is ALWAYS in the top 10 of most profitable programs in the country, but yet our major sports dwell in the land of mediocrity at best. How do we change that? Two ways...1) Pay coaches 2) PLAY BIG TIME TEAMS!

Let us look at the second of these two. I seem to remember a year when Auburn was the best team in the coutry and they were overlooked for the 2004 BCS game for Oklahoma and Southern Cal. Why? Because they played Citadel (and because the previous year they embarassed the media by losing the first two games when being a pre-season favorite). Not because they weren't as good as OU or USC, but because they replaced USC ('02 & '03) with The Citadel they were rejected by the BCS Championship game! Now, looking at the tier system, why would that happen? Because they weren't the media darlings/top teir of the SEC. When you are the second tier in the SEC you MUST play USC, Oregon, Nebraska and whoever else will step it up and play you.
Your mentality should be that of Southern Miss...Anyone...Anywhere...Anytime. That is the ONLY way you can get in the first tier. I don't care that we're the SEC, I don't care we play in the toughest conference in college football. Yes, it's great as a fan to travel, but...as my man Ric Flair used to say "To be the man, you gotta beat the man" and playing Idaho State and UL-Lafayette doesn't do it!

McGarity's response to this is something like "we're adding Clemson for a home and home" that's great! If you plan to add them back in for every season. Until then we've
 just made ourselves the laughing stock of college football. We loss to the lowest of low Big XII teams and in the same week we back out of a series with the Pac-10 juggernaut Oregon. Because we want to go back to the "good ole boy" style of scheduling. Hello Greg McGarity! This ain't Florida! You ain't an Assistant to Foley anymore (or are you)! You have to EARN top status and we ain't got it! I know you're not a young man, but catch up PLEASE! Before you hurt our ability to recruit!

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Andy said...

Love the rant Justin, and it's spot on. I'm amazed they had the Ducks on the schedule and then canceled?!?!? Pathetic situation all around...HELP!!!!