Thursday, December 2, 2010

The "U" is Child's Play for Chucky Gruden the U needs to Leach of someone else

Recently the University of Miami fired their head coach Randy Shannon. To me, personally, this is preposterous! The guy has graduated players and in his four years at Miami formerly known as "Mafia U" or "Thug U" Shannon had ONE player arrested in 4 years! During the same amount of time the University of Florida has had 40 players arrested! The University of Georgia had 11 arrested since March! The Dolphins had 4 players arrested just last off season! His win-loss record was the reason he was sent packing. Because someone at Miami seems to think that his $1.5 million salary should to equate to ACC titles and BCS National Championships. relative terms, Urban Meyer makes $4 million, Jimbo Fisher is guaranteed $1.8 million but with incentives could make $2.25 million, and Mark Richt is bringing in $2.8 million. So to put it in perspective, FSU fires a legend and brings in an unproven Fisher and he still makes more than Shannon would have ever seen! You quickly see their arrogance!

This is where we realize that Jon "Chucky" Gruden isn't lying when he says he is NOT interested in this job. Why would an established Super Bowl Champion coach want to take one of the lowest paying jobs in college football? Yes, he lives in Florida. Yes, it's a recruiting hotbed. Yes, Colin Cowherd thinks his energy would fit. But Cowherd also brought up that NFL coaches are work-a-holics and love being in the meat grinder. Well...HELLO....this is Jon Gruden! This guy was notorious for not leaving the Raiders facilities, sleeping there days on end. Heck he lived in his car during the early Green Bay days! If he leaves the booth it's for an NFL job. Plus he has a Super Bowl ring as a coach! Why would he take less than what his Bucs unemployment check is currently paying him? Or less than ESPN is paying him? He wouldn't.

Next in the "U" dream list is Mark Richt, now me being a Georgia guy there is one thing I took to heart when he said it at his first press conference. That was "When my wife and I began this, we wanted to go some where we could raise our kids and be there for a long time, we wanted to go some where for good." No one has talked him out of Athens, and though it's been a rough run over the past two seasons only the moronic are calling for his head. (Though I will say that could change if we don't start beating Florida) Plus why would he take a pay cut to go to a school that made him a back up QB as a player, better yet why would he turn down FSU for Miami? FSU created his career, Miami killed it.

So who should Miami hire? Mike Leach. Plain and simple. This is a guy that lost his job because of alleged wrong doing. A guy that his former school hated because he didn't fit the "Lubbock way" and he wanted more money since his teams got better and better. Now...he's sitting at home and can be gotten on the cheap! Because $1.5 million is better than NO Million! I also think he could get this program on the fast track to winning again. See...Broward and Dade counties are a HOTBED for speed players, and big egos. Just look at what Texas Tech was when Leach was there (A passing offense with Michael Crabtree!). Plus his ego is big enough to walk into Donald Trump's office and ask for an appointment. So then you know "The Donald" LOVES the investment possibilities in Coral Gables. I brought this up on Atlanta's 680 The Fan's Rude Awakening this morning (12.1.10) and I want it on record. Before everyone else hops on board with this idea. Leach will be Miami's next coach.

Until he wants more money.

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The Dude a.k.a Slow Jackson said...

I wrote this post on Tuesday afternoon and then added the 680 comment before I set it to go live. This was well before all the information starting coming out that Trump sent a letter to Donna E. Shalala lobbying for Leach. I am sticking to my guns he will be Miami's next head coach and they will run the ACC until he feels he is worth more money.